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Mini Mouse A4Tech K3-23E c/cable retráctil (USB)

Mini Mouse A4Tech K3-23E c/cable retráctil (USB)

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Mini Mouse A4Tech K3-23E c/cable retráctil (USB)

Software type:Driver
Released:22 Sep 2008
Windows VistaWindows XPWindows XP 64-bitWindows 2000
Windows Server 2003
Description:Driver for Windows 2000/XP(X64)/2003/Vista


Product Features


Press mouse “Right” button and move the mouse in one of any 8 directions as indicated above, then the preset function will be executed instantly.



The mouse can be extended to change size to fit all handed users for the best comfort and can be easily shrunk to minimum size for the best portability.



Retractable and extendable cable design constitutes convenient cord management on – the – go.



A4TECH’s innovative “Dual Focus Lens” technology is designed to enables you to work on shining surfaces. Traditional optical mice experience delays or are completely unresponsive on such surfaces – Run-on-Shine gives you the freedom to choose.


$ 300,00

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